High bay warehouse

High bay warehouse in Wiener Neudorf

WALTER LAGER-BETRIEBE operates modern high bay warehouses in the south of Vienna.

The incoming goods are thoroughly checked during intake. In addition to the quantity check we also undertake the quality control of the external packaging. It provides an important parameter for the actual condition of the goods.

A quick offloading of the incoming goods reduces waiting times and costs. The goods are recorded in a temporary storage space and checked. Afterwards the signed transport documents will be handed over.


Only then does the goods in procedure into the high bay warehouse begin. The storage spaces and information about the single pallets are then electronically entered - as a basis for FIFO or FEFO, the traceability and the further alterations.

In the framework of the storage we undertake important inspection functions for our customers, such as monitoring the expiry date, ABC analyses etc.

The goods out procedure occurs according to the criteria set by the customer (FIFO, FEFO or criteria defined by the customer).

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