For WALTER LAGER-BETRIEBE quality means the optimum fulfilment of its customers' requirements and expectations.

WALTER LAGER‍-‍BETRIEBE: Our core business and Your advantages

The storage of goods, the handling of complete pallets and precise, order-related picking is our daily business. We support our customers with expertise, storage options and much more.

Our core business

  • Warehousing including the handling of the goods
  • Warehouse management with detailed inventory management
  • Individual handling of goods (value added services)
  • Professional warehousing concepts
  • National and European deliveries
Our core business

Cost saving made easy

  • ONE single partner for ALL storage and transport services
  • Flexible capacities to cover seasonal peaks
  • No fixed costs - variable expenditure depending on capacity utilisation
  • EDI - Electronic Data Interchange guarantees optimum customer information
  • Modern IT-controlled warehousing