Safety, health & hygiene - WALTER LAGER-BETRIEBE

Safety, health & hygiene in warehousing

Certified standard

WALTER LAGER-BETRIEBE is certified according to the IFS-Logistics Standard and meets the legal food-safety requirements.


The IFS includes the EU-binding HACCP concept for producing, processing and distributing food.

The warehouses <strong>are cleaned regularly </strong>
IFS standard for all logistics activities

Hygiene is very important to us

In the warehouses, strict hygienic measures are carried out, such as dry and wet cleaning or pest control, which is carried out by a licensed specialised enterprise.

In addition, WALTER LAGER-BETRIEBE has been registered with "AGES", the Austrian agency for health and food security.

Safety is our number 1 priority

Numerous security systems guarantee comprehensive company security. In addition, the premises are supervised 24/7 by a security team and a video system.
Safety is our number 1 priority